Thursday, January 15, 2009

WOW Spellbinders !

Have out done there selves , Please let me know which is your favorite set? I have 2 many to name right now Have fun looking. Please leave a reply. Have a scrap able day

Hugs Cathy


~Christina~ said...

Wow...very nice...I think set 4 is probably my favorite. I know it's simple, but I can see the potential projects there. LOL

lisa said...

Um... do I really have to choose? It's so hard! I like most of them... I don't own any Spellbinders, but I can certainly see (as Christina said...) the "potential."

SparkofWhimsy said...

They're all great, but I think the 10th set is my favorite. There's so many sets that I want, lol. I keep hoping Hobby Lobby will get more so that I can use coupons for them. The few I do have, I really LOVE. Which is why I had to choose the flower one. I love making flowers and those are so adorable!