Sunday, March 8, 2009

Good Afternoon Bloggers!

We had snow here again today, Yesterday Danny, worked so hard cleaning up the ice in the drive way then we woke up to SNOW! It was pretty I must say , but it's time for Spring to come .

So how did everyone spend there week-end ? Beside getting caught up on laundry, and hanging them outside to dry yesterday I just did nothing. Our oldest granddaughter spent Friday night and all day Saturday with us, Her and Danielle were doing plays, singing, and flips a crossed the basement floor, of course we had to stay and watch there performances, I got them on video, they warned me not to post it on line or they would be MAD! So I promised I wouldn't.

I did manage to download the picture I took of Danny's Birthday card, I love making new cards. I order my first shipment of Magnolia stamps last week, I can't wait for them to arrive. I also won a set of Precious Moment stamps that I bid on , they will be arriving in 10-14 days . Time to go for now , Take care and Happy Scrapping


Kim said...

Hi Cathy! You are in Halifax too?? We should get together and stamp sometime! Thank you for visiting my blog! I will come visit yours daily now too! Have a wonderful evening!