Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hi Bloggers!

I'm Sorry
I haven't been posting lately, Tomorrow is the first day of theLobster season so I have been busy helping hubby get things ready. Guess what we did early this morning? We went to pick out our new German Shepard pup!German Shepard She is soooooo sweet, It was so hard trying to pick from 5 , I wanted them all..... I will post some pictures of her when we bring her home in less then 2 weeks time, Her name is Miley! we thought since her mothers name is Hannah , Miley seem to fit her.

Now about my slacking in the Scrapbooking department, I will post something new before the end of the weekend siul Thank Youeveryone for all your lovely comments left on my blog, And for those of you who has emailed me , I appreciate you all..... time to say babaifor now , Take care and Happy Scrapping everyone...