Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hi Bloggers!

So sorry I haven't been posting much lately! I have recently just rejoined stampin up, I have been busy getting thing ready for a show I had Sunday past, It went GREAT! we had fun and made 2 lovely projects I will upload them very soon. Besides being busy will stampin up, our new puppy (Miley) keeps me on my toes especially when our grandchildren come to visit, she loves to nibble on there ears and bite at there toes, Our 4 th granddaughter Skylar is going on three and is very petite the puppy chases her and bits at her little legs while she is running ... of course she tells poppy, and poppy puts Miley, in time out... she gets a big kick out of it that the dogs has to go in time out ...well enough talking for now, take care everyone and I will be back real soon with some projects and cards.