Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm still here

Please forgive me for being such a stacker! malu I can't say I've been so busy to blog that would be a LIE! I just lost interest for a while and now I feel like getting off the pot and getting back at my blog and cards. I do have a few pictures on my camera of cards I did make over the past few months, I'm hoping to get them uploaded so very soon I have close to 600 pictures ..... I think I'll be at it for a while.

I'm going to do my Daughters Wedding invitations, I have started them and will post a sample of it as soon as she gives the's a surprise for now...he he .

Well time to catch up on some blogs , I will be back tomorrow sometime fikir I have to go to the city to pick up some things for hubby and stop by the scrap-booking store for me...

Hugs Cathy