Saturday, May 29, 2010


Sad day today, Our daughters family dog had to be put down..... She was a cute little dog full of farts and vinegar ( In a good way ) She was always looking to find a little trouble, they were over this morning and the two dogs there dog Lexie, and our dog Miley found some bait Danny had put away in a tub for lobster fishing...little monkeys they stunk ........ Then when I went to put her leash on her she rubbed her face and head over my pants so then they stunk, ....... she will be missed , My heart is breaking for them , they had a tough decision to make today and we know it was the right one but it doesn't make the pain any easier........ She was hit in the drive way of there home by my son in law, He is not doing so good dealing with the fact they had to put her down from her injury's ...She had a terrible habit of running towards him when he drove up the drive way . Today she slid while running and went under the truck, Things happen so fast, and with out answers hopefully someday we will understand why!

R.I.P. Lexie